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SJ (and others) cycling from London to Monaco to help SAVE our OCEANS

Please think about sponsoring…. whatever you can afford.

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Hi all,

This is a subject close to my heart, as I know it is with everyone who loves the sea, sailing and water sports.

This is all about the maintenance of biodiversity of our oceans, and adequate environmental protection of the very seas, estuaries and waterways that enable us to healthily pursue our hobby or profession on the water. Without a concerted global effort, future generations will not be able to enjoy all of the sights, smells, feelings and special nautical moments that so many of us have been lucky enough to enjoy, and to cherish throughout our lifetimes.

Thanks to organisations’ like BLUE Marine Foundation and the increasing number of sponsoring individuals and companies that support them, there is more awareness now than there has ever been, about the importance of sustaining the world’s most precious resource.

But still, actions are more important than words, people have to get engaged, money has to be raised, clearly defined ocean sustainability projects have to be initiated and seen through to successful completion.

Hats off then, to Sara-Jane Skinner who works for BLUE. She spends her time busily raising awareness, and conscripting partners or sponsors to the cause. But she is going even further than that, in a very physical sense; by dedicating herself to complete the SPONSORED cycle ride from London to Monaco, which her organisation is running with their supporting partners Winch Design.

Sara-Jane, known by all as ‘SJ’, is determined to prove that she can go the distance, and raise loads of dosh. She has been giving up most of her free time training for the big ride, which will be setting off from London on Sunday 18th September, arriving 10 days later at Prince’s Palace of Monaco on Tuesday 27th September, just in time for the Monaco Yacht Show.

SJ says, “We are a charity that really shakes things up and gets stuff done.  We’ve already contributed to nearly 1.5m square kilometres of ocean being protected from the ravages of overfishing. And I am doing this quite simply because I care so much about the cause!”

Funds raised from the cycle ride will go towards two of BLUE’s projects that will contribute significantly to ocean protection:

For instance they will:

* Install eco-moorings for sailing vessels so they don’t damage the sea – grass beds when they anchor;

* Monitor and protect endangered marine species such as sperm whales and dolphins;

* Enhance fish reproduction through site-specific protection/zoning;

* Reduce the number of ‘ghost’ nets (discarded nets which trap species such as loggerhead turtles)

I’m donating some money and spreading the word as much as possible amongst my contacts.

Please do the same if you can…the oceans and their inhabitants need all of us to get engaged.

Many thanks for your attention!

Peter Franklin / YachtMedia

Please think about sponsoring…. whatever you can afford.

 Click HERE to donate and learn more:


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