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Skippers Working Without Borders… Get involved!

European Boating Industry and the TCC-SCV Project Team are pleased to announce new confirmed speakers for the “Skippers Working Without Borders” conference that will take place in Brussels on 16 June 2016.

If you’re a small commercial vessel skipper whose working rights  are being restricted, you might want to attend this conference, it’s free entry with prior notification of attendance.

Typical present scenario: Imagine two identical charter boats up to 24m moored in an Italian harbour: same length, same brand, the only visible difference being their flag, say one being under Spanish flag and the other under German one. Now, add to the equation a local, say Italian professional skipper and find out he/she isn’t able to work on any of those boats as their Italian qualifications are not accepted.

Absurd? Well, this is the harsh reality for professional skippers on small commercial vessels!

Taking place in Brussels on 16 June 2016, the “Skippers Working Without Borders” conference provides a unique opportunity for the boating industry, EU and national authorities to learn more about this issue and exchange ideas about possible solutions and future initiatives needed.

Take a look at a detailed programme and the speakers’ list by clicking HERE 

The conference language is English with no interpretation. Participation is free of charge and prior registration is needed. Participants will have the possibility to interact and exchange with speakers during the whole event, making it a lively debate.

To register, please send your name, surname, organisation, function and country to: office@europeanboatingindustry.eu or info@tcc-scv.eu



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