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Wow…Porto Montenegro announces 250 metre berth availabilty!

Porto Montenegro, the Adriatic’s leading superyacht marina, recently added a 250m berth to its offer, instantly positioning it as a world leader that exceeds the largest superyacht berths even of One Ocean Port Vell in Barcelona (190m) and Grand Harbour Marina in Malta (135m). With the largest superyacht currently afloat measuring 180m LOA, it will be the US$770million Double Century at 220m LOA that raises the stakes once more upon her launch, and Porto Montenegro say they will be ready for her.
To put this into perspective: The QE2 Cunard passenger liner is only 43 metres too long for the new mega berth, and she is built to accomodate 1,900 passengers, plus 1,015 crew… Total: 2,915!



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