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2015 Superyacht Charter Show in Phuket – Can it happen at this marina?

A lot of info is circulating on the possibility of the above happening at the Phuket Yacht Haven Marina. Its a place I know, I have been there with a boat many years ago, when it was first being ‘developed’….16 years ago to be precise. It hasn’t been developed significantly during that period, and its been surrounded by controversy over a group buyers who were swindled out of their deposits and never got the moorings or the properties they contracted to buy way back in 1996.  And now its talking of accommodating 70 to 100 metre superyachts for the proposed charter show, with all of this miraculously happening within the next 13 months! Apparently the same family that duped the 25 original buyers are still in charge, so I would guess that its fairly hard to believe anything that they promise?

Anyway please read this article by respected nautical journalists Michael and Frances Howorth, then judge for yourself…



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