Bespoke Publicity for the Yachting World.

No Mat Tax for >15 metre charter yachts in Spain next summer!

The above title contains words that I still can’t believe its possible to write! But please note; This won’t be a ‘Free for All’…’Come to a Spanish port, and start chartering’ kind of deal! 

Commercial yacht owners, managers  and captains will need to talk to a professional consultant that really knows the Spanish charter market before diving in to what appears to be a bright new unexplored superyacht charter market. Without the appropriate permissions, charter licenses, survey documents etc. etc. there will still be plenty of pitfalls that can have very costly ramifications if the correct procedures are not followed.

Please contact us at  YachtMedia if you need to be put in touch with an expert. We are not yacht charter consultants, but we know who is, and who can be trusted. There is likely to be a ‘goldrush’ scenario, which always brings a lot of misinformation, poorly qualified fortune seekers, and yacht club bar ‘consultants’ who say they know it all, but won’t be there when your yacht is impounded and fined!

We will willingly do the introductions without charge…. Why? Because we have worked as hard as anyone for this breakthrough in the Spanish yachting sector, and we just want to see it succeed without more tears and regrets !

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